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Searc Internet Studio, Fintown, Donegal / Digiteach Searc, Baile na Finne, Dún na nGall

Visiting the North West of Ireland and need Internet Studio facilities? At the Digiteach we have a team of research and production personnel available throughout the year - See Our Client List.
@ the Digiteach we have:
  • Satellite broadband 24/7/365
  • Land lines and mobile phones
  • Sony Vaio Laptops
  • Hotdesking PCs with 15' & 17' Sony monitors
  • Printers, Scanners, zip drives, adaptors, etc
  • Sony D35WSPL camera head
  • Sony PVV3 VTR
  • Canon J16 x 8 DIRS lens
  • Sachler 80mm tall and short legs
  • Sony PVM 9042QM field monitor
  • 2k, 800w, mizers, pups, reflectors, clamps, stands, gels
  • ECM150, Sennheiser 416 with pistol grip or boom pole, softie
  • Canon XM1 mini DV, Vinten pro 5
  • Sony Digital DC700 Series - memory sticks; batteries; SLRs; Tripods and Angle Flashes
  • Conference Room & Exhibit Space
  • Experienced Secretarial and Research Personnel
  • Experienced Lighting Camera Crew
  • Extensive library of Donegal and Irish material
  • The Most Amazing Views!

  • Looking East to Screig from Digiteach, Baile na Finne ©
    Looking East from the Digiteach, Baile na Finne to Screig Beag © 2001

    Individuals, Production Companies, Corporate, College & Private Parties utilise our research and studio facilities. Cut down on your luggage by hot-desking with us - with the views around here you'll see it all from a different perspective!
    The Digiteach is situated in Fintown in the centre of Donegal, only 30 minutes from Carrickfinn Airport with flights to and from Dublin daily and only an hour from Derry airport with daily flights to London, Glasgow and Europe. For further information email the The Digiteach

    Across the valley - Screig © 2000
    Across the valley from the Digiteach, Baile na Finne to Screig © 2001
    This view is to the right of the one above!
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